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Ohjelmointi 2 - 2013 - Initial Plan for the Coursework

Anu Koskela

1. Knitting diary

The purpose of this program is to keep track on the user's knitting projects. Both finished and unfinished projects can be marked here, as well as the yarns the person has in the stash.

1.1 What information is needed?

1.1.1 For project

  • Name of the project
  • Name of the pattern
  • Starting date
  • Finishing date
  • Needles
  • Comments

1.1.2 For Yarn

  • Name of the yarn
  • Name of the company
  • Recommended needle size
  • Meters per 50 grams

1.2 What functionalities are needed?

  • Create (add) new project
  • Edit project
  • Delete project
  • Add new yarn
  • Edit yarn
  • Delete yarn
  • Search project
  • Print

1.3 Format of saved information

The information of the program will be saved as follows:

kdiary.proj - the main information about the projects

;id|project name|pattern name |start date|end date  |comments|
 01|Blue mittens|Mittens      |18/11/2012|01/12/2012|Very basic mittens.|
 02|Red mitts   |Classic Mitts|00/00/2013|30/03/2013|Not sure when I started these... Added decorations with the bamboo yarn|
 03|Funny hat   |My own design|01/01/2013|02/01/2013||

kdiary.yarn - the additional information, yarns

;id|Yarn name    |Company name  |Materials                          |Needles|Meters|Comments|
 01|Cashsoft 4ply|Rowan         |Wool 57, Microfiber 33, Cashmere 10|    325|   160|Lovely and so soft|
 02|Baby Bamboo  |Sirdar        |Bamboo 80, Wool 20                 |    400|    96||
 03|Funky Chunky |James C. Brett|Acrylic 49, Mohair 20, Polyamide 1 |    600|    37|Super bulky!|

kdiary.rel - connects projects and yarns. Also extra information, such as which sized needles were used with each yarn.

     01|    01|    400|
     02|    01|    375|
     02|    02|    300|
     03|    03|    660|

2. Using the program

2.1 Starting

The program can be started by clicking on the kdiary.jar-icon or giving the following command on the command prompt:

java -jar kdiary.jar

2.2 Tabs and their views

There are no menus, just tabs.

2.2.1 Search

Once the program has been started, the program checks if there are any projects in the file. If not, the view of 'add new project' (see 2.2.2) will appear. Otherwise the user will see the search view:

Here user can print all the details of a certain project or of all the projects that match the given search.

2.2.2 Add new project & Edit project

Editing a project will include a simplistic view of the search. If there are more than one matching project, the user can click the wanted on the displayed table. Here the details of a project can be changed, and a project can be deleted (that will open a basic dialog confirming the choise).

The view of 'Add new project' will not have the search fields or the table visible at the top, but otherwise the basic structure will be the same as in the editing view.

2.2.3 Add new yarn & Edit yarn

Same as 2.2.2, but the saved details will be different.

2.2.4 Help

Basic information about the program and the help.