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Demonstrating the Course Assignment

Everyone uploads their assignment into folder ohj2 in their web space at You'll see your users-server web space as drive W after you've activated it at

You hand in your assignment the same way you hand in you exercises, but files.txt HAS to be in folder ohj2, not in any of its subfolders. The actual files can be in relative subfolders, if the folders are specified in files.txt. Index.html is not mandatory for the exercises, but you have to create it for the assignment. Instructions for creating index.html below (or it can be created with DemoWWW or NettiDemoWWW)

In addition, the assignment is always under the course's version control so that the directory looks like:

An example can be found at Smallest possible files.txt (which creates this)


Both steps (W drive and svn) are easiest with the command svnht.

  1. You write the kind of file as in the example In it you describe all the files needed to compile and run your program (no .class, .exe, .obj or other such files: they are created in compilation). Please note: case DOES matter!
  2. If the file is in src\club compared to place of files.txt, then write the file name to files.txt like:
    src/club/ = handling the club member
  3. In computer classes you write the file in to your own folder.
    An example of the path and files (substitute PROJNAME with your USERNAME, or your group's name). If PROJNAME == USERNAME, you don't have to write PROJNAME after svnht.
    c:\MyTemp\ohj2\PROJNAME\files.txt  - "index"
    c:\MyTemp\ohj2\PROJNAME\*.* - the files of the assignment, can have subfolders
  4. Type command (works in Agora's computer classes, on the first time won't find the page)
    svnht PROJNAME
  5. Goto NettiDemoWWW. Give text ht as Demokerran numero. Check your project name and press Päivitä index.html. Check what the index.html looks like.
  6. When you come to demonstrate your assignment, tell your USERNAME, and the assignment's name PROJNAME if it's not USERNAME.
  7. By typing the command
    svnht PROJNAME
    you can download your assignment onto another computer
  8. You can also transfer files.txt with DemoWWW.exe, but remove line "Demo" from the file created...

Usage with your own computer

  1. Install ActivePerl
  2. Copy to equivalent locations


Smallest possible files.txt

plan.txt = Phases of the assignment 1&2

Example files.txt

= Programming 2, 2008
=<h3>Phases 1 and 2 of the assignment</h3>
suunnitelma_en.txt = the plan
=<h3>Phase 3</h3> = preliminary for phase 3
phase3/ = a tiny Club
phase3/ = working menus
=<h3>Phase 4</h3>

crc.html = CRC-cards from the classes
kerhohar_en.jpg =a picture of the data structure