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Graphics is a simple graphical library for programming 1.

Documentation for the library (in Finnish)


1.1 Library

  • copy Graphics.jar to yourself. Hint: click the link with right mouse button and select "Save link as.."

1.2 Compiling and running in the command line

  • to compile SimpleGraphics example:
  • first, create a file labelled as and copy the content of the example code
  • run following commands in the command line:
    javac -cp Graphics.jar
    java -cp .;Graphics.jar SimpleGraphics

1.3 How to simplify the use

  • it is advisable to add Graphics.jar to your classpath in Windows:
    set CLASSPATH=.;Graphics.jar

now you can compile and run just by commands

java SimpleGraphics
  • remember to redo this command every time you open a new command line session