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How to make and return demos

A minimum of 40 % of the tasks has to be done which means 27 tasks during the whole course. You have to make at least 2 tasks per one demo but of course we recommend to do as much as possible. Please contact us if you need special arrangements in case of an illness or such.

Purpose of demos

The right and only way to learn programming is to do and practise it by yourself. If you want you can make demos in a group but remember to return your answers with a name of every single participant of the group. Please put the names in comments when returning Java code as an answer.


Please return your answers with NettiDemoWWW (The application will authenticate you via Korppi; simply login and accept.)


Please return your answers on Monday by 12.00 o'clock at the latest. Bear in mind that this is a strict deadline for returning your answers! Otherwise you wont get any points. You can return your answers separately or all of them at one time and modify them until given deadline.


You will receive compensation to your final exam after completion of tasks given in demos. The more you return answers the more you will get compensation.

It is calculated with the following table:

     %         40% 	50% 	60% 	70% 	80% 	90%
Tasks    	27 	33 	40 	46 	53 	60
Compensation	1 	2 	3 	4 	5 	6