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How to use subroutines from the library Ali.jar

Ali.jar is a library with a set of classes with general-purpose subroutines which help us in programming. You are able to call these subroutines after importing the Ali.jar as we did with the Graphics.jar. The subroutines are in Finnish but every subroutine we need are translated and the use is instructed on this page.

Have a look for the library.

Translations and instructions

  • Syotto - A class for reading user's data input
  • Mjonot - A class for dealing with Strings
  • Tiedosto - A class for dealing with files

How to use on your computer

Download Ali.jar on your computer first. A good example:


Ali.jar must be imported in the program code. An example for Syotto:


Usage in command prompt

As in Graphics.jar example:

javac -cp Ali.jar
java -cp .;Ali.jar YourJavaFile

Usage in Eclipse

  • Project/Properties/Java Build Path/Libraries/Add External Jar's...
  • browse the path for Ali.jar (the place in which you downloaded it)
  • choose Ali.jar
  • OK