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Syotto is a class which has subroutines (methods) for reading user's data input. Since demonstration 4 we use a subroutine called kysy which asks user a question and waits until the user types in a string and presses the Enter key. After pressing the key the subroutine kysy will return the value the user gave.


Here is an illustration of the easiest way to use:

           Name of the class
           in Ali.jar
                 |            Question printed on the screen
                 |                 |
                 |                 |
String name = Syotto.kysy("Give your name");
                   Name of the subroutine
                   in the class Syotto

Syotto = Input
kysy   = ask

In this line we initialize a string variable name with the return value of the subroutine call Syotto.kysy("Give your name");.

Works with integer too:

int age = Syotto.kysyInt("Give your age");

A full example here

Note: in this case the subroutine doesn't return default value when only Enter is pressed.