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Practical work for Programming 1

The work has to include following

  • array/arrays
  • at least 2 subprograms
  • arrays are gone through
  • something has to be printed (or drawn)
  • comments in JavaDoc? format
  • global variables are NOT allowed (in Java: private/public static type variableName)
  • global constants are allowed (in Java: private/public static final type constantName)
  • returned as demo 15 with NettiDemoWWW
  • you are not allowed to send any attachments to the instructor. Send only the link to the demo 15 directory
  • student has to be ready to explain the functionality of the program personally

How to return the work

  • use NettiDemoWWW and mark it as demo 15
  • remember to click "Päivitä index.html" while returning
  • make sure index.html shows your work "beautifully"
  • Java-files have to end always with .java
  • show your ready work to the instructor in the computer lab tutorial or book a time in Korppi.


Come up with your own topic or select one from the example topics.
Introduce the topic in the computer lab tutorial before starting.

Example topics

  • examination of temperature measurement data
  • palindrome inspector
  • bowler's diary
  • personal phone book
  • letter frequency analyser
  • drawing of a histogram of data