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Using Eclipse in the course Programming 1

The code can be written with any text editor and compiled using the command line. Nevertheless, a good Integrated Development Environment makes coding more smooth and takes care of the routine work.

Eclipse is a usable IDE for programming in Java. At first it might seem quite a complicated software to use but it will pay you off after learning how to use it.

You will learn to use Eclipse in the computer lab tutorial 3.

Practical default settings

It is advisable to adjust your settings. Some of the following adjustments might be workspace-specific.

  • Removing tab signs:
  • Remove the comment formating to make tests to work:
    • Comments and untick: Enable Javadoc comment formating
  • Errors on missing comments:
  • Auto-add for date in comments
       * @author ${user}
       * @version ${date}
       * ${tags}