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Tekijät: kirjoita nimet tähän

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Tietoja pelistä

  • Pelin nimi: Survive!
  • Pelialusta: for Windows(computer) Pelaajien lukumäärä: there's are 2 player.

Pelin tarina

the story is: there are two brother and they both hate each other. Soon after their father dies, they both want to be their father fortune heir, but as only one can be the fortune heir and they hate each other, So they decided that one has to die and one will be the fortune heir .

Pelin idea ja tavoitteet == There will be two player. Both player will have gun. they will be against each other and they will try to kill using the gun. there will be many obstacle where they can jump, and protect themselves. Each PLayer will have 3 lives.

Tähän tulee selitys pelin tarkoituksesta ja siitä mitä pelissä täytyy tehdä.= You just have to shoot and kill your opponent.

Hahmotelma pelistä

Tähän tulee piirretty kuva pelistä jossain tietyssä pelitilanteessa.

Toteutuksen suunnitelma == Tomorrow 15.6= I will start my game and as I would make the game, I would put some new feature or do some modification and do as much as i can.

16.6= i will continue with the game and put some dialogue and music and cool stuff ex: funny quotes or jokes and Hopefully I would be nearly done. 17.6: I will play the game by myself and i see what I have to change and if necessary, I will improve it. And finally represent it.

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