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1Set run directory to C:\MyTemp\EemeliK
2Native Launcher Version: 301
3Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise
4Application Hash: 21880fed62e16988cda4de8d7591a6d2f5078044
5Application Data directory: C:\Users\agora08\AppData\Roaming
6Executable Path: Minecraft.exe
7App Directory dir: C:\MyTemp\EemeliK
8Start dir: C:/MyTemp/EemeliK
9Launcher dir: C:/MyTemp/EemeliK/game
10TmpDir dir: C:/MyTemp/EemeliK/game
11Java Launcher hash: f9d59d273807f7b98f8e32d327ac7964481246d4
12Java Version: 1.8.0_25
13x64: 1
14LauncherConfiguration from:
15Downloaded config
16Native launcher is current
17Native launcher is current
18We need to update the java launcher!
19Game launcher outdated!
20Hash should be ccb4a2df12fa3bd8c4d27ece46f692d12f91a01b
21Check to see if we can run the launcher
22Native launcher is current
24Installing java launcher
25Unpacking launcher
26Unpack C:/MyTemp/EemeliK/game/launchertmp.jar.lzma
27Unpack successful
28Started application ./runtime/jre-x64/1.8.0_25/bin/java.exe -cp C:/MyTemp/EemeliK/game/launcher.jar net.minecraft.launcher.Main --nativeLauncherVersion 286 --nativeLauncherVersion 301
29Application still running, assuming all's fine.
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