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Programming games with Jypeli library

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Jypeli is an open-source game programming library that aims making an enjoyable start on students' journey in programming. Jypeli has been in use on K-12 game programming courses (more than 460 middle school students, 21 course instances by fall 2013) and on undergraduate course CS1 (more than 600 students by fall 2013). You can find the latest version in here.

Jypeli is developed at the University of Jyväskylä, Department of Mathematical Information Technology, Finland.

1 Working game examples

In our summer courses students start with a Pong tutorial (in Finnish, takes about 4 hours). You can see the end result of the Pong game here. After completing the tutorial the students move on making their own games. A typical game could end up being around 300 lines of code. Below, we show an example how to start working with Jypeli library.

2 Student games

3 How to use Jypeli

  1. Install latest version of Visual Studio and XNA.
  2. Download and install the latest version of Jypeli library. Or, you can make your own build from the source code, if you wish.
  3. Create a new project in Visual Studio. The Jypeli project models should now be listed in the left hand side of the dialog (picture).

There is also documentation available in Finnish.

Jypeli is free, open source under MIT licence.

4 Future plans

We are still developing Jypeli actively (fall 2014). To better support multiple platforms we are planning to release a MonoGame version of Jypeli in near future.

5 Presentations

5 Publications

  • Lakanen, A-J., Isomöttönen, V. and Lappalainen, V. 2014. Five Years of Game Programming Outreach: Understanding Student Differences. SIGCSE 2014.
    • Appendix: Survey