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  • CycloLite is (was :-) a simple program used in a sports such as cycling to show the user's speed, track, distance traveled and time elapsed.
  • it is still easy to use for basic operations: just start the app and start cycling, running or what ever, when you stop, it stops. You do not need even press start/pause button.
  • to get it all you must read this "manual". Actually as a default there is less functions visible than in original version.
  • CycloLite is mainly done for myself (vesal) to be used in cycling, skiing and a bit in hang gliding. Now I use it also on my car speed/trip meter.
  • I will offer it free for everybody who will need at least some of it's numerous functions in his/her hobby or every day usage.
  • Load CycloLite from MarketPlace to your Windows Phone 7 or 8.
  • for suggestions contact: vesal@…
  • to follow from tablet load YourMap

Properties in version 0.9.2

  • big enough numbers to follow without glasses
  • show your current speed (either km/h or min/km, or imperial units)
  • 5 average speeds, possible to reset separately
  • distance traveled (5 separate trip counters)
  • time traveled (5 separate time counters)
  • autopause if you want (choose the min speed from options) = if you stop, it is not taking time anymore and when you start again, it automatically starts taking the time.
  • current time
  • Bing, Google, Nokia, OpenStreet and OpenCycle maps, also Aerials from Bing, Google and Nokia. Plus topographic maps of Finland (thanks to Maanmittauslaitos, Kapsi and b-bark).
  • rotating maps
  • to north arrow
  • track recording
  • track exporting to Dropbox and from there to f.ex Sports Tracker
  • text message and/or email your current location
  • show location send by your friends by SMS or email on the map
  • send you location in real time to server and follow your friends in real time (info about the server see the server source code)
  • put named pins to the map
  • measure distances and directions on the map
  • route from current or selected place to selected place (car or walking)
  • find place by coordinate (usual way to tell you location after landing in HG and PG) or by address
  • select what properties you want to use, so hide those you do not like and make it easier to use
  • tune your display (speed, trip, avg, pace, alt, time, slope etc.)
  • you can use your WP Phone as a GPS for YourMap
  • if you do not have W8.1, you can use WWW-version instead of YourMap

Next version

  • more tunable displays
  • save the pauses (and other events, like resets also to the log)
  • stop clock (needed when a time is taken from two different places, like by one person in take off and other person in landing)
  • profiles to save your tuned displays and settings
  • better handling of places (pushpins)
  • more info from old tracks (time, distance, average and so on).
  • SkyDrive

Privacy Policy

This program uses the location service (below used the shortcut GPS) to measure your traveled distance, show your position and speed and also to record the track you have traveled.

The recorded track can be sent to DropBox if you press the "Send Dropbox" button on track page. The last recorded track is saved automatically even if you close the program. You can delete the track or save it to local storage where you can send it to DropBox. You can SMS or eMail your location to your friend. You can also send you position to server, where your friend can follow you if you allow them to do that.

Your location is not used for anything else except for the previously mentioned purposes. In no case it is send to any services without your permission.

1. Instructions

  • You can switch between pages by swiping left or right on the top of page; swiping mostly works on other place of the page also. (On map page swipe moves to map.)
  • On any page you can press the back button (<- on the lower left corner) to return to the Cyclo-page. Back from Cyclo-page can be set to ask if the app is allowed to close.
  • As a default only Cyclo, Map and About pages are visible. If you like to see more pages, press menu (... on lower right corner) and select settings and then Pages to use Select

1.1 Splash screen


  • A splash screen is shown during the app starts (2-3 sec)

1.2 The main page


  • On main page (Cyclo) you see
    • green or red led = green when running (not paused) and autopause has not stopped. Red when autopause has stopped the counters.
    • speed km/h: your current speed
    • speed 2 - km/h: average from counter 2 (reset with a long press or experimentally also by swipe down)
    • speed 1 - km/h: average from counter 1 (reset with a long press, distance and time used for average 1 are shown below)
    • trip 1 - km = distance traveled after last reset (reset with a long press, resets also speed 1 and duration 1)
    • duration 1 - min:sec = time elapsed from last reset. If autopause is on, it is time traveled. (Reset with a long press)
    • current time
    • course - deg = your current moving direction in degrees
    • alt - m = current altitude over sea level
    • Pause/Continue button
    • ... = menu:
      • clear distance and time = same as long press for speed 1 , trip 1 or duration 1 (does not clear avg 2)
      • clear distance and track = clears all trips, times and current track (even if it is not saved, so be sure to save the track before clear)
      • send location as sms = jumps to SMS page for sending current location. If you want email location, use this and take email form menu (...)
  • There are 5 separate averages, distances and times (avg 1 - avg 5). In default view only avg 2 and avg 1 are shown. Both can be reset separately by a long press on the corresponding reading (item). Long press for the duration or the trip also resets corresponding average.


  • by short press of the item you see the current item-info on bigger display and on next press (inside 1.5 sec) you can switch between items. As a default you can switch between:
    • speed km/h -> pace min/km
    • speed 2 -> trip 2 -> duration 2 -> avg pace 2
    • speed 1 -> trip 1 -> duration 1 -> avg pace 1
    • trip1 -> trip 2
    • duration 1 - duration 5 (time without autopause)
    • current time -> course -> alt
    • course -> alt -> current time
    • alt -> current time -> course
      • f.ex to put the current time as a small to right lower corner, tap 2 times to alt - m display.
  • if you like to see more or less items, you can tune your display
  • if the item can be reseted, you get the Reset button on the short press. That is easier way to reset the counter when bicycling than a long press.
  • If autopause is on (see settings), then time is paused when speed is less than the minimum speed set. In this version the autopause affects counters for average 1 - average 4. Average 5 is not autopaused.
  • from settings you can switch to imperial units.
  • ... = menu:
    • clear distance and time = clear all average 1 counters
    • clear distance and delete track = clear all average counters and delete current track
    • send location as sms = you can send your current location as SMS to your selected contact(s)
    • settings = from settings you can change f.ex Auto pause speed, Auto pause beep volume, is the lock screen going on, if you like to confirm exit from Cyclo lite, if you like to confirm average 1 resets, units and so on
    • tune your cyclo page

1.3 Map page


  • On map page you can follow your track (red line on the example picture)
  • You can move or zoom the map by swiping or pinching in or out. If you move you map, your current place is not centered anymore automatically.
  • You can also select from track page some old track and draw that on the map.
  • on map you may have 5 different type of pins (markers):
    • black pin with green dot = current pin = your current location
    • black pin with red dot = hit pin = last point you have tapped. On the top of screen the last tapped coordinate is shown. Also it is shown the distance between last tapped location and last selected pin (red pin). The yellow line (in example picture, change color on track-page) shows that. So in example there is 223 m from boat to last tapped place. If there is no pin selected, the distance is between two last tapped points. Also direction to selected pin is shown in the info line (in example 257 deg).
    • blue pin that may have a name = saved places. You can have as many blue pins as you like.
    • red pin = current pin, last selected pin. You can always have one selected pin (you can also select current location pin). Tapping the blue pin selects it and changes the color to red. If you want that no pin is selected, then currently only way to unselect pin is pressing the trash and then cancel.
    • green pin (in example labeled as peter) = your friend you are following. You can follow as many friend same time as you like.
  • you can add new pins from find-page by coordinate or by long press from the map location. Or you can tap the hit pin somewhere and then take the pin icon to insert new pin. When you insert a new pin, the name for the pin is asked. You can also have unnamed pins. Unnamed pins are not saved when you close the app. You can always rename the selected pin.
  • on top left there are two "leds". Green shows that measurements are done between "green" pin (the current pin) and selected pin. If you tap it, it changes to red to show that distances are counted between red pin (hit pin) and selected pin. F.ex when the led is green and you move, the green pin moves and new distance is counted and showed on the info line. The smaller red led shows that now temperarily even the green led is on, the last distance is counted between red and selected pins /this happend mostly after moving the hit pin). Remember that you can also select the green pin (current location pin), and then every time you tap the display, it shows you how far from current (green) pin you tapped.
  • if there is something in the info line you want to see bigger, just long press the info line and an info display is opened. On info display you can copy the text to clipboard if you want to send it by email or SMS or what ever you like to do with the text.
  • when you tap the bigger led, there comes a text to info line like:

Find route current => boat

when you now tap the text, it finds you the route (and draws it by blue) from current pin to your boat

  • the arrow on right top corner shows to north when you are moving. If you hit the arrow and you map is rotated, the map rotates so that north is up.
  • the small text (1.56 in example) is a cumulative distance from you last taps. So if you want fast calculate some route, just tap the displays along the route and you see the cumulative sum. You can reset the sum by tapping the sum. If there is some pin selected, the sum is calculated between pins when you select next pin. So if you want to measure more accurate, you can add pins (even without names) the places where you need then, move them to correct location and then select pin at the time to get the cumulative sum between pins.
  • on lewer left corner you have the full screen icon to give map all available area.
  • ... = menu:
    • center current pos = center the map so that current location is always on the center of display. If you move the map, then it is not centered anymore and you must re-select this menu item. If you have allowed the map rotation from settings, the map is also rotated so that it's along the direction you move. Map is not rotating after you move it a bit.
    • center selected pin = center the selected pin to screen. This is needed when the selected pin is not on the screen and you want find it fast. Also useful when you are following some of your friend and want to see her/him at the screen all the time. Then you select your friends green pin and the center to it.
    • move selected pin = if you have selected any blue pin (color changed to red), it is moved to the same place where the last tapped position (with red dot = hit pin) is.
    • rename selected pin = change the name for selected (red) pin
    • delete selected pin = delete the selected (red) pin
    • choose map type = choose what map type you want to use.


You can select between:

  • get address for hit pin = ask server what is the nearest found address for hit pin (red dot)
  • insert new pin to hit pin location = same as pin icon
  • send location as sms = jumps to SMS-page (next page is eMail, so if you want that, select still SMS and swipe to next or if it is not visible, you find it from sms pages menu)
  • find place = jump to find place where you can write the coordinate (or paste it form SMS or email). Finding the place adds a new pin. You can also find by address if you like.
  • find route - depending if you have green or red led on upper left corner, it finds a route from green pin to selected pin or from red pin to selected pin. The found route is drawn by blue color. If no pin is selected, it finds a route from current pin (green) to hit pin (red). From choose map type -menu you can choose what to optimize on route.
  • hide route = hides the blue route line from the screen. To get it back, you must find the route again.
  • show route on phone maps = goes to the default map on your phone and show route there. That way you f.ex get voice navigation in Lumia.
  • delete all pins = removes all saved pins. Think before use that.
  • settings = from settings you can f.ex if the map is auto rotating, if you can rotate it by fingers, if the North-arrow is visible

1.4 Track page


  • On Track-page you have:
    • Filename = suggested name for next track you save. The suggested name format is f.ex 0710-2, so second track for July 10th. After Save-button is pressed, this is incremented to 0710-3. You can write any name before pressing the Save-button if you do not like the suggested name. From Settings page you can choose what is the defauls suggestion for name.
    • Save-button = the CurrentTrack is saved to the name you chose. Then the CurrentTrack is cleared and started from scratch.
    • list of saved tracks = list of all track still on memory. You can choose any of then to draw, send to DropBox or for to delete.
    • Draw-button = the selected track is drawn to the map using the color below Draw-button
    • Color select square = color chooser for track color. Press the chooser to jump to next color. This color is also used for line between hitpin and selected pin.
    • In the track list there might be also name: CurrentTrack. The currently recorded track is saved to this "file". If the CycloLite is closed, this file is automatically saved and reloded and continued when CycloLite is restarted. When Save-button is pressed, this file is saved to the selected name and then the file is cleared. User can delete this track either from menu delete track or from Cyclo-page menu: clear distance and track
    • below track list there is a message area for messages during send to Dropbox. If everything goes well, there is the names send with green color. If there is problems, the message is with red color.
    • Send DropBox-button = selected (or CurrentTrack ) is send to Dropbox. Before using this, you must have created an account to DropBox. You account is asked first time you send track to Dropbox. If you later want to use different account, you can clear you user in Settings-page. When you send a track to Dropbox, two files are sended. F.ex 0710-2.gpx and 0710-2.cyc. The .gpx file can then be sended f.ex to Sports Tracker from you computers Dropbox-folder. The .cyc file is used with The {.cyc} format can be easily converted to the Ozi Explorer .plt-format if needed. After you have sent you track to Dropbox, you can delete it from the phone if you do not want to draw it later to the map.
    • ... = menu:
      • rename track = give a new name for selected track
      • delete track = remove currently selected track. There is no way to undo this, so please send the track to Dropbox if you may need it. You can also delete CurrentTrack to start from scratch (remember you can delete is also from Cyclo-page).
      • settings = from settings you can f.ex open details-page.

1.5 Details page


  • On details page there is show the info that it is possible to get in Windows Phone from GPS.
  • follow escpecially H acc: to learn what value is good on settings-page to Max horz.acc m for Autopause. If this value is about 20 m, yoy can put 40-50 m to settings to prevent Autopause run too easily.
  • Diff: -line shows how far was last time when app got a location from gps and how long time ago.
  • ... = menu:
    • send position as sms = jumps to SMS-page (next page is eMail, so if you want that, select still SMS and menu or swipe to next)
    • settings

1.6 Settings page


  • On Settings-page you have:
    • Pages to use Select = pressing the select button, the app moves to Select page -mode:


On that mode you can swipe left and right between pages and choose what pages you like to have visible. Check the box or remove the box as you like. You can check on page as default, so it opens first when you start the app. And when you press phones Back-button, it jumps to default page. If there is no default page, then Cyclo-page is default.

  • Allow landscape mode = check if you want display to turn when you turn phone to landscape position. F.ex in Cyclo-page not all things are not visible (but you can scroll there) in landscape mode.
  • Confirm app exit = if you check this, you are prompted before leaving the app. I use this option (even it is against the design guide for WP) to prevent the app close accidentally when driving by the bike.
  • Pinch rotate map = check if you want to rotate the map by your fingers. I found this option not so good if you zoom also by fingers.
  • Auto-rotate map when move = id checked, rotate the map so that you moving direction is up. When not checked the north is always up. Auto-rotate eats very much your battery, so use with care! The auto-rotate stops when you move the map. And if you move the map and press North arrow, the needed energy is same as when this option is not checked. So if you check this, use map North directed when you can.
  • Line 'form-to' on map when tap = When checked draws a line from you selected pin or form you last tapped location to hitpin. The line color is chosen in track-page.
  • Show North Arrow on map = when checked, shows the North arrow. Using the North Arrow eats a bit of you battery when map is on. If you like North arrow and do not need the map all the time, keep some other page visible.
  • Show Cyclo hints nelow counters = When checked, small gray hints are shown on Cylco-page under every counter.
  • Prevent lock screen = if you check this, then the screen is not blanked automatically. This might dry your battery much faster than normally, but you do not need to open the unit all the time. You decide. The CycloLite counts distance, time and tracks the trip even in lock screen, so you do not need to use this option if you do not want to see. You may get 3-4 h use of cyclo-page when this is on.
  • Confirm avg 1 reset = Because average 1 counters are most important, by this you can be sure that they are not reset without asking you.
  • Track name template = A template how the next track name is made. You can have "macros" for some items like:
    • %Y for year
    • %M for month
    • %D for day
    • %h for hour
    • %m for minutes
    • %n for running index for the track.
    So if the template is %M%D-%n, and the current day is 28th of Sep, then it is first tried if name 0828-1 is free. If not then 0828-2 is tried and so on until a free name is found. It is a good idea to keep %n in name. I use all the time two phones: Lumia 820 and HTC 7 Pro. To separate the tracks between phones, I use template %M%D-l%n in Lumia and %M&D-h%n in HTC to get names like 0828-l3 for Lumia and 0228-h3 for HTC. When the next name is searched, only phone memory is scanned, so if a track has already been sent to DropBox and deleted from phone, the same name is used. So good idea is not to delete the tracks before day is over. The new name is scanned when the track is saved. The name is still a suggestion and you can change the name before pressing the Save-button on - Track-page. And even after save you can rename the track if you are not happy with the name it got.
  • Auto pause speed = what is the minimum speed before Autopause pauses time taking. You must experiment what is good speed for you sport. 2-4 km/h is OK for bicycle. For slow walking in forest it might be that there is no good value. If the value is too low, then it turns on due to GPS drifting even you do not move. If you do not like Autopause, you can switch it off by putting 0 here.
  • Beep volume (0-1) = how string beep you hear when pressing Continue/Pause or when Autopause stops or starts the time. 0 = no sound, 1 = max volume. 0.5 = a medium beep. Does not affect an all devices (or 0 works). If you are listening music, then no beep is played, because it will stop the music.
  • Distance digits = how accurate you want the distance values to be. Examples:
    • value 0: 0.003, 0.03, 0.3, 3, 31
    • value 1: 0.003, 0.03, 0.3, 3.1, 31
    • value 3: 0.001, 0.310, 0.312, 1.32, 13.2, 132.0, 1326.0 (default)
    • value 5: 0.001, 0.310, 0.312, 1.326, 13.263, 132.63, 1326.3
  • Speed unit = what unit is used for speed and distances:
    • speed: km/h pace: min/km distance: km alt: m
    • speed: m/s pace: min/km distance: km alt: m
    • speed: mph pace: min/ml distance: ml alt: ft (imperial ?)
  • Min move diff m = how much movement is needed before added to the traveled distance. If GPS accuracy is not very good, there could be movement even the phone is not moving.
  • Max horz.acc m = if the horizontal accuracy is more than this, the GPS is ignored and if Autopause is on use, time is paused.
  • Gps threshold m = what threshold is told GPS to use before sending new readings.
  • Clear DropBox user-button = reset the Dropbox account and ask new id's on next transfer.
  • ... = menu:
    • details page = jump to details page to look GPS values and learn what to put f.ex to Autopause options to fit best to you sport.

1.7 SMS-page


  • On SMS-page you can send you current coordinate to your friend as text message
    • To: = write here the number you like to send the message. Or pres To: -text to choose it form you contact list. Or press + to add an other contact(s). Or you can leave this empty and choose the contact after pressing Send SMS-button. The contact you choose is default for next time you come here. You can write many numbers separated by comma if you need to.
    • Header: = Write here a header (f.ex you name) for the message. The header you write is used as default next time you come back to this page.
    • Message to send: Header is copied to the messages firts row. On next row is your current (or Hit pin or Selected pin) coordinate in format ddmmss (degrees, minutes, seconds). On last row the same coordinate is in format dd.dddd (degrees and decimals, this format is currently used by many WWW-map programs like Google-map. You can edit any row or add new text if you like. But every time you come back to this page or edit Header-text, the original format is returned.
    • Send SMS-button: send the message as text message. After pressing this button you can still choose a new contact or add contacts. These extra contacts are not default next time.
    • ... = menu:
      • send location as SMS = same page as this, but for sending SMS
      • send my loction to server = send you location all the time
      • follow friend location = follow the location you friend is sending to the server.

1.8 eMail-page


  • On eMail-page you can send you current coordinate to your friend by email
    • All like in SMS-page except Header is used also in mail Subject. And of course in To: -field you must write email addresses (separated by comma if you need many). And after pressing Send eMail-button you can add more contacts to the list.
      • ... = menu:

1.9 Find-page


  • On Find-page you can write or copy a coordinate you want to seen on the map.
    • The format for coordinate is the same as in SMS or eMail -page. So you can write f.ex
        623000 262000  (62 deg 23 min 00 sec)
        62.5 26.3333   { 62 and half degrees)
    • When the position is shown on the map, new pin is added. If you like to give a name for pin, you can later rename it, or you can write the name to same or different row with the coordinate, f.ex:
      Mike 623000 262000 
    • You can also copy the email or text message your friend has send you and paste it here. If there is more coordinates in same message, only the first one is used.
    • You can also find by address by writing it to lower box and pressing Find by address button.
    • Coordinate is found just by using the map, but for address the query is send to Microsoft Bing service.

1.10 Send page


  • On Send-page you decide by what name you are sending you current location and give permissions (grant) to your friends to folllow you
    • Send can be used f.ex in Hang gliding to send you position all the time to the friend that is following you by car. Or what ever usage you need for getting someones location in real time.
    • because this is just the first release of send/follow, there is usability issues and the procedure is explained more detail on Send and follow
      • ... = menu:
        • show email and id = your need the email and id to use this function
        • change server = you cna choose a different (maybe your own) server to use
        • send location as SMS = send loacation few times as SMS
        • send location as email = send location few times as email
        • follow friend location = follow the location you friend is sending to the server.

1.11 Follow page


  • On Follow-page you choose who of your friends you like to follow.
    • the idea of following is that you can f.ex see where your friend is flying in real time. Or in competition "audience" can follow where the pilots are going.
    • because this is just the first release of send/follow, there is usability issues and the procedure is explained more detail on Send and follow
      • ... = menu:
        • show email and id = your need the email and id to use this function
        • change server = you cna choose a different (maybe your own) server to use
        • send my loction to server = send you location in real time

1.12 About page


  • From about page you find link to this page and also a Review-button. Please use it if you like CycloLite.
  • ... = menu:
    • settings = from settings you can change lot of options for Cyclo Lite, for example to choose what pages YOU like to keep visible.

1.13 Policy


  • First time you start the app, you must approve the policy to use your location.

2. For next versions

  • list of pins and find (=jump to) selected pin
  • (flying)route from pins and route length
  • use also SkyDrive
  • read send track from Dropbox/SkyDrive
  • seprate options (Autostop speed and so on) for every avg.
  • last kilometer avg, time
  • last n minutes avg, distance
  • save and send averages
  • WP8 version that works while other program is running in front (current version is "only" WP7 version where this is not possible, it runs Ok in lock screen and when call is answered, not after Windows or Bing-button is pressed).
  • compare position and time to saved track and tell if late or ahead

3. Code and svn

4. Haaveita (Dreams in Finnish)

Poljinnopeutta ei valitettavasti helpolla saa kun en tiedä
millä tiedon saisi puhelimeen sisään.

Sykekin olisi kiva, mutta ainakaan vielä ei saa bluetoothin kautta
mitään muuta kuin kuuloketavaraa siirrettyä.  Mangon myötä ehkä
enemmän sitten.

> Väliajat olisi hyvä ominaisuus ja väliaikojen keskinopeus. Esim. jos
> tekee ns. vetoharjoituksia joissa jotain tiettyä tienpätkää ajelee
> peräjälkeen pienten palautusjaksojen kera ja ajatuksena olisi pitää
> nopeus vetojen aikana samana.

Semmoistakin mietin, että kun ajaa joskus jonkin pätkän, niin
se nauhoitetaan ja sitten sen voi ottaa pohjaksi ja näytetään
paljonko ollaan vastaavassa kohti nauhoitusta edellä tai jäljessä.

Ehkä jopa kahdella tavalla, eli absoluuttisesti ja sitten niin,
että jokainen kilometri (tai muu säädettävä väli) aloittaa uuden
eron laskemisen ja näkee siten että kuinka viimeinen kilometri
on suhteessa nauhoitukseen.  Tuon voisi näyttää niinkin, että
paljonko pitää olla keskinopeus jotta pääsee samaan tulokseen
kuin edellisen kerran.

Omaa käyttöä palvelisi sellainen, että väliaika ja väliajan 
keskinopeus määräytyy aina kahden esim. "lap"
näppäimen painalluksen jälkeen. 
Lenkin alussa kello päälle ja aina kun haluaa edellisen 
pätkän väliajan ja keskarin, niin näpäyttää lap

Tuo nauhoitus ja ajetun pätkän vertaaminen edelliseen olisi 
hieno ominaisuus, samoin ennalta määrätty esim. 10km

Olisikohan sellainen mahdollista, että etukäteen voisi merkata 
gps pisteen. Esim jos ajaisi jotain yhtä ja samaa
rinkulaa, niin kello ottaisi väliajan aina kun se kyseinen 
merkattu piste ohitetaan?